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Financial Administration

One of the largest pressures of being on the board of an association is the financial aspect. Whether it’s mailing assessment letters, collecting delinquent dues, or just doing all the reports. We will carry the pressure of achieving a healthy financial package while giving comfort to the board and community.


Property Compliance

Safety and professionalism while giving your community a high level of service to help free your volunteered time. A high level of service includes maintenance and quality work to help save future repair or replacement cost. Having a long-term solution for the entire property, keeps everyone smiling.

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Community Appeal

With every HOA comes rules and regulations that all owners must stay in compliance with. Through our monthly inspections, we are able to achieve competent and reliable communication with homeowners and vendors. These compliance communications will ensure your community can pride itself on the level of harmony and appeal it maintains.

Waving in Headphones

Communications Management

Ever wonder how you’re going to reply to all the calls, text, and emails throughout your busy day? Let us be your funnel of communication to take the load off of your plate. We ensure these communication tasks will be executed with professionalism, integrity, and knowledge.

Conference Meeting

Meeting Management

We offer 18 hours annually for meetings with our boards and associations. Legacies will prepare all agendas and meeting packets while working together with the board and keep record of all documents.

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Individual Association Planning

Individual Planning & managing in your community ensures every individual association goals, wants & needs are met & approached with a highly communicated plan for success. Association individualization keeps your HOA from falling into routine, and assures easy & open communication with management.

Legacies Management is a locally founded property management company with a heart to serve our nearby communities. Taking the work from your association & managing local communities consistently to maintain standards and bring value for the future. With high attention to detail and years of service, our aim is excellence for our customers, promising dedication and communication to bring your homeowners association to the next level.

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