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Legacies Management locally founded and operated in the heart of  Watson, Louisiana, by a Mother and her daughter in law with a heart to serve their community.


Our core values are nothing less than helping build each community into a family. Communication is key and we plan to exercise the highest level for your homeowners.



Ashley Alford, CEO 

With years of experience in management, customer services, and a senior association manager, Ashley is equipped with all things HOA. When it comes to management, the knowledge of communication and community appeal are high on the list of priorities for Ashley. While freeing the hands of board members and building relationships across the neighborhood, this is where compliance & value start to thrive.


Kellie Alford, CFO

Owner of a successful business for 11 years and counting, Kellie is well versed in all things business. Her experience and continual growth is obtained by taking initiative to achieve value for every organization. With professional financial administration, Kellie is a key asset to Legacies Management. 

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